Zantac Victims Suffer Setback in Cancer Lawsuit

For years now, victims have been claiming that Zantac causes cancer. It’s been a prolonged legal battle, and one with plenty of twists and turns. The most recent of which was a setback for plaintiffs as a Florida judge dismissed their claims completely. But does Zantac really cause cancer? What are the plaintiffs alleging in this case? And perhaps most importantly, what should you do if you have been harmed by a drug like Zantac?

What’s the Problem with Zantac?

According to Drugwatch, many patients who have taken Zantac have developed cancer due to an ingredient called “ranitidine.” This ingredient in turn contains a  chemical called N-Nitrosodimethylamine — otherwise known as NDMA. This chemical is a known carcinogen. When the information came to light, the FDA ordered manufacturers to stop selling Zantac with ranitidine. This caused the parent company Sanofi to come out with a new Zantac variant (Zantac 360) that contains famotidine instead of ranitidine.

Patients have complained of a number of cancers, including:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Gastric cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer

Other potential health issues caused by Zantac include:

  • Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH)
  • Crohn’s Disease

This drug’s issues are especially notable because Zantac is designed to stop heartburn. This means that the potential side-effects are much worse than the actual problem itself.

Why Were Zantac Lawsuits Dismissed?

So if all of these issues are so widespread and well-known, how was it that Zantac lawsuits were dismissed? According to recent reports, the science just wasn’t conclusive enough to establish a clear link between Zantac use and the development of cancers and other medical issues. The Florida judge decided that the plaintiffs’ defense witnesses could not be admitted in court because they “systemically utilized unreliable methodologies” while showing“a lack of internally consistent, objective, science-based standards for the evenhanded evaluation of data.”

With this decision, 50,000 product liability lawsuits can no longer move forward — representing a massive win for big pharma. However, the plaintiffs are of course planning to appeal the decision, with their attorneys calling this a “miscarriage of justice.” The main question is why the FDA ordered that prior iterations of Zantac be pulled off shelves if there was no credible science backing up the plaintiff’s claims. Is ranitidine a known carcinogen or isn’t it? One thing is clear: This legal matter is far from settled, and this victory will not dissuade victims from moving forward with their legal battle.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida/

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