What would you do if your toddler came home from daycare with a portion of their eyebrows missing?

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As crazy as it sounds, a daycare in Pasco, WA is being recognized by ABC 7 News after staff members allegedly took it upon themselves to wax the hair between two toddler’s eyebrows, often referred to as a unibrow.


When it comes time for a parent to send their child off to daycare, they are often filled with worry and uneasiness as their pride and joy is being placed in the hands of another person, another caregiver, for several hours out of the day. “Will they feed them?” “Will the staff treat them nicely?” “What if my baby cries and they fail to tend to him or her?” If you’re a parent and have had to put your child under the “watchful” eye of daycare staff, your mind was likely flooded with questions similar to these. And with good reason. You see, with all the horror stories about babies being suffocated or toddlers wandering off, out of sight of daycare staff, you have a right to be afraid, worried, and even paranoid about your child’s wellbeing.

And after learning about yet another incident that recently occurred in Pasco, Washington, parents are only going to feel obligated to add yet another reason to their lists as to why they don’t trust daycares.


What happened at the daycare operated on a college campus in Pasco that left two mothers furious?


When Alyssa Salgado picked up her daughter from daycare, she noticed that a patch of hair that once was present between her daughter’s eyebrows was missing. Glenda Maria Cruz, another parent whose son attends the same daycare, noticed that same day that his unibrow had been waxed off. When she tried to touch his face, he was resistant to his own mother’s touch. The mother stated that she felt hurt that her baby had to go through this and that she couldn’t do anything to help him.

Both moms agreed that when they had dropped their kids off that morning, both appeared to be normal, the same way they are each and every day.

The daycare is currently run by the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties. The executive director has already released a statement saying that they are taking these allegations very seriously and are willing to work to support the investigation process.  Although no staff members have been recognized just yet, hopefully, the facility and the Boys and Girls Club handles it accordingly and takes appropriate action.

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It is sometimes a painful process to have your eyebrows groomed and one can only imagine what these children were feeling when the daycare staff that should have been caring for them was waxing their eyebrows.

How awful these moms must feel knowing that their children were harmed and they weren’t there to protect them. That is one of the worst feelings in the world. If it is true that these toddler’s eyebrows were waxed, one can only imagine the pain they must have felt. After all, getting your eyebrows waxed is a painful process, one that makes some grown women cringe just by thinking about it.


Is there anything a parent can do in an instance such as this?


When a child suffers an injury or isn’t treated properly while under the care of daycare staff, parents can, in fact, do something about it aside from filing a complaint with the facility. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, a parent actually may have the right to file a personal injury claim against the daycare worker and even the facility.

It is best that this be discussed with a qualified personal injury attorney, however, as they are aware of the laws that would come into play and whether a case is actually viable to proceed on with legal action. Daycare staff are required to meet the standard duty of care and when they fail to do, they could, and should, be faced with the consequence for their behavior.

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