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What are common chemical hazards that can lead to injury on an oil rig in Louisiana?

Louisiana – February 28, 2023

There are chemical hazards associated with working on an oil rig.  The derrick reveals the site of oil or natural gas deposits that a company can extract.  Various chemicals are used in the drilling action and are made up of a mixture of chemicals referred to as mud or drilling fluid.  Once drilling has been accomplished to assess viability, gas and oil flow will be monitored by crews.  If an employer is negligence regarding equipment maintenance, workers can suffer illness related to chemicals and should seek the assistance of a toxic exposure lawyer in Louisiana.

Diesel engine dangers. 

Diesel engines produce particulate matter (DPM) used to power heavy machinery, vehicle and equipment used in the process of oil and gas retrieval.  DPM is an irritant and can cause ill effect to workers such as nose and eye concerns, and headaches after long term exposure and may lead to cancer.  Actions to protect against the inhalation of DPM include:

  • The installation of engine exhaust filters,
  • Utilization of cabs with filtered air, and
  • Routine maintenance of all diesel engines used on a rig.

Explosion and fire concerns.

 In addition to the concerns for inhalation of toxins, the concern for fires and explosions is well documents in rig work.  The well, shale shakers and trucks contain flammable substances that can be ignited by static, open flames, smoking, lightning, and hot surfaces that can cause catastrophic injury and death.  Employee diligence is necessary to prevent fires and includes:

  • The enforcement of designated smoking areas,
  • Mandating employers wear fire-resistant clothing,
  • Adherence to standard procedures and permit requirements for hot work.

While the oil and gas industry jobs are good for Louisiana’s economy, workers are at risk of suffering physical, emotional, and financial harms through contracted toxic exposure illnesses, and burn accidents at a work site. Victims of chemical exposure or burn injury should contact an experienced toxic exposure lawyer in Louisiana for guidance toward recoverable damage compensation to address any negative life changes caused by work-related illness, injury, or death.  Accidents often occur because of an employer’s lack of enforcement of safety measures and protocols, inadequate Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, and/or employer negligence.  Negligence will need to be proven by a personal injury attorney.

Hire a lawyer.

An experienced chemical exposure lawyer can initiate a claim supported by proof of employer negligence to seek monetary compensation through either a workers’ compensation action, or a civil action.  Legal counsel can answer questions regarding the choice between seeking the recovery of damages through workers’ compensation claims, or through civil litigation when accident victims have been harmed in a workplace setting.  Experienced attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand how important it is to seek comprehensive financial awards of damages due to long term chemical exposure, burns, or explosion injuries occurring on oil rigs leading to short, or long term disability, or death.


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