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An elderly individual who has been admitted into a nursing home is generally vulnerable and susceptible to many different things including abuse and neglect. According to the Washington State Legislature, 74.34.005,
  • Some adults are vulnerable and may be subjected to abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or abandonment by any one of the following people:
    • A family member
    • A health care provider
    • A person who has a relationship with the adult
  • Someone who might be considered vulnerable could be home bound, someone who is unable to represent themselves in retaining legal counsel or other protections available through the courts.
  • A defenseless person may lack the ability to perform the services that are necessary for their wellbeing because they lack the capacity for consent.
  • Someone who is susceptible to abuse might have health concerns that make them dependent.
  • The department and other appropriate agencies found within the state of Washington who are responsible for handling cases involving abuse are expected to be prepared to receive these reports of abandonment, financial exploitation, or neglect.
  • The department is responsible for receiving these reports must provide protective services in the least restrictive environment that is available to a defenseless adult.

It isn’t easy dealing with a case of nursing home or elder abuse and the claims process can be rather confusing as well. If you believe your loved one is the victim of neglect, abuse, or any of the other concerns mentioned above, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover compensation and most importantly justice for this wrongdoing and mistreatment.


How can a personal injury lawyer in Washington assist me?

Personal injury claims come in many different forms, including nursing home abuse. However, perhaps your loved one wasn’t harmed during their stay in one of these facilities? Maybe they were the passenger in a vehicle that was hit by an intoxicated driver. Suppose they got injured on the premises of a company building because it wasn’t maintained. All of these are valid examples of when a personal injury claim can be filed and just a few of the various types our featured Washington personal injury lawyers can assist with.


How can I ensure my loved one’s abuse is reported?

Although legal counsel is sure to fight for a settlement that is in you and your family’s favor, the department has their own responsibilities they are expected to follow through with. This includes:

  1. Initiating a response to a report no later than twenty-four hours after learning there is possible abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, or self-neglect of a vulnerable adult.
  2. If any sort of mistreatment is criminal, the department shall contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and the two will coordinate together to investigate the claims being made.
  3. If it is revealed that a crime has been committed, the law enforcement agency or the department will notify the county prosecutor or city attorney for appropriate action to be taken.

Although the Washington’s legislature department will help those who believe their loved one’s has been abused or improperly cared for by a negligent individual or facility, you need to take matters into your own hands to ensure justice is served. Therefore, give us a call today at USAttorneys.com and let an agent find you the perfect personal injury attorney in Washington so you don’t have to search for one on your own.