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If You or a Loved One is Suffering From a Personal Injury it is Time to Contact an Attorney in Virginia.

A personal injury victim is entitled to compensation for damages incurred if they are harmed mentally and/or physically by a negligent or careless individual or entity. Many factors come into play when a personal injury claim is filed including:

  • Your percentage of fault.
  • The laws concerning the action as these can affect the outcome of a claim.
  • Where, when, and why the accident occurred.

Although pedestrians have the right of way in many different situations, there are certain rules they must follow which helps keep them safe and reduce the chance of a driver from colliding into them. When either party isn’t doing their part, the likelihood of someone getting harmed increases.


Were you injured in a pedestrian-related accident?

If so, was it your fault? Was the driver engaging in negligent activity? For instance, were they intoxicated or texting on their phone? Did they fail to stop at a pedestrian-designated crosswalk in which they were required to do so? All of the answers to these questions can help determine whether you have a viable personal injury claim on your hands and what you might be eligible to collect for your injuries.

If you were recently injured in a car accident, while at work, during your morning walk before you drop your children off to school or in another type of incident, consider giving us a call at today. Virginia personal injury claims can be confusing and people often aren’t sure who they are able to hold accountable for their injuries. To help get you the answers to some of the questions you have, you need someone who has your best interest in mind, not the other individual who was involved.

Our featured Virginia personal injury lawyers have years’ worth of experience in helping people just like you, therefore, they are able to provide you with the advice you need and the information that is going to help you.


What laws are pedestrians in Virginia required to follow?

If a pedestrian is injured in an accident and it was later determined that they had some role in causing the incident, their personal injury claim might be reduced based on the percentage they were at fault for. In other cases, they might not be entitled to file suit for damages or collect for the pain and suffering they have had to endure.

Therefore, if you are a pedestrian and engaged in an accident, below are some key points for specific laws in which you are required to abide by that will affect the overall outcome of your personal injury claim.

§ 46.2-923

  • Pedestrians shall not carelessly or maliciously interfere with the general flow of traffic.
  • If possible, pedestrians must cross the street at the designated crosswalks. If there is no crosswalk, a pedestrian is not considered negligent should they choose a route that isn’t labeled but doesn’t interfere with traffic.
  • Pedestrians may cross the road diagonally when all traffic has been halted by lights, other types of traffic control devices, or by a law-enforcement officer.

To learn more about the laws that could affect your settlement amount and what you are entitled to, allow USAttorneys to match you up with a trustworthy and dedicated Virginia personal injury attorney in your area now. These claims have a timeframe in which they must be filed so give us a call now as you don’t want to risk the chance of losing out on compensation that could help you and your family.