Victims who have been harmed on a business property can bring an injury case

Iowa City, IA – One way that injuries can happen is when a business or person’s property is not maintained and in a safe condition. This is why businesses commonly have things like wet floor signs, areas that can only be accessed by employees, and various other warnings on the property to minimize the possibility that someone will enter a restricted area or be hurt in an area that is not clear and safe. Some companies may even take out insurance policies to prepare for these types of incidents. 

People who are injured because of various property obstacles have the option of bringing a civil lawsuit based on the principles of premises liability. The amount of compensation that they can collect will be comparable to the severity of their injuries. 

The doctrine of premises liability

The law imposes certain duties on those who own, operate, and control a piece of property. This can apply to private property owners, businesses that are expected to have workers and visitors, and even government offices and other kinds of buildings owned by the state or county. Like all people and entities who can potentially become defendants in lawsuits, the civil law imposes a general duty of care on these property owners. A violation or breach of this duty of care that results in an injury to a person on the property may satisfy the elements of a negligence lawsuit. 

Specific problems on a property that may be legally actionable

Any areas that are expected to be utilized should be clear and free from obstacles and debris. Other areas that should not be used except by authorized personnel should be secured or locked, as well as marked with adequate warnings. Situations where dangers are left open and easily accessed are likely to result in injuries and subsequent liability. During the discovery process, the property owner may be forced to disclose surveillance records that show when the injury occurred to prove the condition of the property at the time in question. If this kind of evidence shows that the property owner was clearly at fault, it is likely that the case will end with a settlement.  

Payments for victims and damages

Any kind of injuries can be remedied through a civil lawsuit for damages. This is essentially the way an attorney can add up their clients financial losses, present them during the lawsuit, and argue that either a settlement or jury verdict should compensate the person accordingly.  

Finding out more about civil lawsuits

People who are considering filing a lawsuit or taking legal action have the option of consulting with an experienced local firm. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices provide guidance throughout the process of a civil case. 

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