Understanding Personal Injury Claims Filed in Washington D.C.

Personal injury claims come in various forms. They range in severity from cases where someone may have tripped at work and injured their leg, to someone having a metal pole strike them in their head while waiting at a train station. One major aspect that is addressed in a personal injury case is pain and suffering. This refers to the amount of pain, whether it be emotional or physical you were or are in, and the suffering your injury has caused you to endure. Pain and suffering is a more difficult aspect of a personal injury case as everyone is impacted differently. And for the two accidents mentioned above, it is safe to say each individual suffered differently which would ultimately influence the outcome of their personal injury case.

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A $50 million lawsuit was filed on behalf of a man who was struck by a metal pole in a subway station in D.C.

Example case of a recent personal injury lawsuit filed in Washington D.C.

Remember the example incident mentioned above about the pole falling on a man at a train station? Well, that actually did happen and a major lawsuit has been filed by the victim himself. According to Bloomberg Law News, Kevin M. LoVecchio has filed a claim for the “physical and mental pain and suffering” after being struck in the head by a falling metal object.” The incident occurred back on August 31, 2015, when he was below ground at the Metro Center station at 13th Street and G ST NW.

A camera captured the incident which displayed a “metal pole that was part of the machinery used to close the entrance to the station at the base of the escalators” that fell and struck LoVecchio. He stumbled up an escalator where he was taken to street level, and then helped by individuals walking by. An ambulance then came, treated LoVecchio for his injuries and transported him to George Washington University Hospital. As a result of the injuries LoVecchio sustained, he was unable to work. He is employed by Williams & Connolly where he made $200,000 not including bonuses. Because of his loss of wages and inability to work, this personal injury victim has chosen to sue for $50 million dollars.

What can damages can I claim in my personal injury lawsuit?

Whether you have chosen to pursue a lawsuit or are filing a claim through the insurance company, it is important to understand what you are able to request compensation for. Some of the common damages a person files for includes:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of consortium

Just like LoVecchio, you too could be on the verge of receiving funds for the trauma you have suffered and the loss of income you would have received had you been able to work. 

Do I need to hire a D.C. personal injury lawyer to help me file my claim?

An experienced personal injury attorney in Washington D.C. not only will ensure your claim is filed in the timeframe required, but also ensure your claim or lawsuit clearly identifies all the damages you have been subjected to suffering from as a result of the accident.

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