Two-Year Old Dies After Mirror in Payless Shoe Store Falls on Her

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It was a tragic day for the family of two-year-old Ifrah Siddique. Just a few days back, Ifrah and her mother had been shopping at a Payless Shoe store in Riverdale, GA when a mounted mirror fell on the toddler [Source: USA Today]. Her mother and another family member struggled to remove the mirror as it was extremely heavy. A woman who had been shopping in the store with her toddler at the same time the accident occurred said she had to help. The woman also mentioned that all she saw was blood. She stated, “I thought she just had a seizure or something, but I didn’t know it was that bad.”

After emergency responders arrived at the shoe store, they transported Ifrah to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. The family, who is now in a “state of shock,” told reporters that they are “pulling through” and that “everybody is still grieving.” A cousin of the young girl said that “it’s very hard” as one can only imagine. A Payless spokesperson issued a statement that same night sending out their condolences to the family and that they too were devastated by this tragic event. They told the press that they were cooperating with authorities so that the true nature of this accident can be understood. Investigators have said that the death appears to be an accident.

Although the accident may not have been intentional, according to Ifrah’s mother, she believes that the mirror was not secured which means the facility may not have been inspected or that the person or company responsible for mounting these mirrors did a poor job and could be identified as being negligent. If the family wants to take legal action, they are going to want to hire a personal injury attorney who can help them identify who this negligent party might be.


What should I do if I sustain an injury in a store?


We all shop at different types of stores each and every day and who is to say this type of accident cannot happen anywhere else? The truth is, it can, and it does. Many stores require a certain level of upkeep and unfortunately, some store owners become lax in their profession and forget that inspections need to be done so that their store is safe and hazard-free. And that is when the unexpected accident occurs.

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If you slip and fall in a store or sustain an injury from another type of accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans to determine how you can hold the establishment accountable for your pain and suffering.

If you recently sustained an injury while on a store’s premises in New Orleans or lost a loved one in an accident that transpired, there are forms of legal recourse that can be taken. To learn more about your rights and what these forms of action are, contact a personal injury lawyer at Smith Stag today by calling 504-593-9600.

These New Orleans, LA personal injury attorneys protect the interests of an injured party or a surviving family member who is seeking justice on a decedent’s behalf who didn’t survive the accident and will help you obtain justice. It is important that during this rough point in your life that you have all the support and help you can get. And you can start by retaining a lawyer who will have your best interest in mind.

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