Top Driveway Safety Tips to Implement in 2018

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With so many children still out of school on their holiday breaks, it is important to reiterate driveway safety tips in your household as your child might be exploring the outdoors or out and about with you while you run your daily errands. Although Christmas and New Year’s is over, many drivers may still be stuck in their relaxed holiday mindset so it is up to you to keep a watchful eye out for your children while informing them of driveway dangers.

According to, “more than 9,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries that occurred while they were by themselves in or around motor vehicles.” To help prevent your child from being harmed, below are some driveway safety tips to consider.


  1. Before you get inside the vehicle, walk all the way around your parked car to be sure children aren’t behind it. It can sometimes be harder to spot smaller children in your rear-view or side mirrors so it is best that you physically check for them before backing up or pulling off.


  1. Be sure to remind your children to never play around a parked car and definitely never behind one either.


  1. You can designate a safe place for children to wait when any nearby vehicles are in the process of moving. Be sure this area is somewhere that drivers can visibly see.


  1. Be sure to accompany your kids when they get in and out of the car. You can hold their hands while walking in parking lots, driveways, or on sidewalks just to be certain they don’t get hit by any inattentive drivers.


  1. Keep toys and other enticing objects out of the driveway so that your children and the neighborhood kids aren’t encouraged to play there. Remind your children to not play in a neighbor’s driveway as well.


  1. If the driveway is the only place for your children to play, you can block off their area with trash cans or cones so it prevents cars from driving in.


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Because there are still going to be people who might not exert as much caution as you do, it is expected that accidents will still arise. And if you or your child was injured by a negligent person who wasn’t careful or was driving recklessly, you may need to speak with a New Orleans personal injury attorney.

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