Tips on documenting nursing home abuse in Denver

Denver, CO – Nursing home abuse is something you don’t really want to think about. You may have read horror stories about abuse and neglect in Colorado nursing homes, but you’ll try to tell yourself this cannot happen to your dear Mom or your sweet Granny. This can be a grave mistake. You cannot allow yourself to ignore the possibility that the nursing home you so carefully picked is not as great as advertised.

Experienced Denver nursing home abuse lawyers warn that if you have someone in a nursing home it is your duty to consider the risks and monitor your loved one’s well-being constantly.

Can you install a camera in a nursing home?

Many concerned families would sleep easier at night if they could monitor their loved one’s safety and well-being. Unlike other states, Colorado does not have specific laws concerning the use of surveillance cameras in nursing homes. You can place a Granny cam in a nursing home resident’s room, but you will have to be mindful of privacy and consent laws. You should seek advice from knowledgeable Colorado nursing home abuse lawyers.

There’s the question of consent. If the resident is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, they may not be able to express their consent. You can bypass that if you are their legal guardian. If your loved one shares a room, their roommate must also consent to have a camera installed.

The nursing home cannot prevent you from installing the camera, but you will have to pay for the monitoring equipment and Internet access.

You should also display a note in the room warning anyone that the space is monitored 24/7.

What other types of evidence can you use to sue a nursing home?

If your loved one was injured or died following nursing home abuse or neglect, you must reach out to reliable lawyers.

Surveillance camera footage is the most convincing type of evidence you can use, but you can find other ways to prove neglect or abuse.

Photos and videos

If you visit your loved one and find them covered in bruises, take out your phone and take photos and videos. You should also do that if you find their bedding soiled or the room dirty. You don’t need permission to take pictures of your Mom if you find her in a dreadful state.

Resident testimony

Your elderly relative may be reluctant to talk about their ordeal. However, if they are sound of mind they can testify about the abuse they experienced. To alleviate their fears, it may be indicated to have them transferred to a different facility first.

Staff speaking out

Colorado laws encourage nursing home employees to speak about any type of abuse they may have witnessed during their employment. Try approaching the nicer of their caregivers and see if they are willing to sit down with your lawyers.

Medical records

If your loved one develops bedsores, that’s a clear sign of neglect. You may want to take them to a doctor. You should also request their medical records if you suspect they were not given their prescribed treatment or were injured during a medical procedure carried out by nursing home personnel.

If someone you loved was injured or died of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, talk to an experienced lawyer at the Bryan & Terrill law firm which offers help to bereaved families in the Denver area.

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