This is why a business is responsible for a slip and fall accident in Iowa

Iowa City, IA – A common problem that most people associate with personal injury lawyers is a person who slips on a wet floor inside a business, gets hurt, and files a lawsuit. While this is a simplified explanation of premises liability, a business is certainly responsible for the safety of its guests and customers, and there is the possibility of a lawsuit to pay for the victim’s costs. Here is a brief overview of how premises liability works and why people are able to sue property owners and businesses for their injuries. 

What is premises liability?

Premises liability is the concept that a property owner is ultimately responsible and liable for anything that happens to others who are present. This provides an incentive for business owners to keep the property safe and clean, especially in areas where guests such as shoppers and customers are expected. If a person is injured, the property owner or their insurance company will have to pay for the individual’s medical treatment and other costs caused by their improper property maintenance. 

Determining liability

In order for the victim to be successful in their lawsuit, they generally need to prove that the defendant was negligent in some manner. This can include things like a failure to remedy known hazards, a lack of cleaning and regular maintenance and other mistakes. Note that this also means that the business has the potential defense of showing that the accident was caused by some kind of sudden mistake that the business could not foresee, or that some other party caused the dangerous conditions that led to the accident

Compensation in slip and fall cases

The victim can ask for economic damages to cover their documented healthcare costs, as well as other financial losses like lost wages during recovery. It is also possible to ask for non-economic damages for pain and suffering associated with the injury and lifestyle changes that were necessary after the accident. It can be difficult to estimate the value of personal injury cases without legal advice, so specific details can be obtained after meeting with a local lawyer who practices in this field. Many firms will offer an initial consultation free of charge for injury cases, and then work on a contingent fee where the client does not need to pay any upfront costs.

Injury lawyers in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that handles injury lawsuits for clients throughout the state of Iowa. People who have been harmed in an accident can schedule a meeting with their attorneys for advice. 

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