These three situations may require a personal injury lawsuit against a business

Yuma, AZ – A personal injury attorney can potentially handle a number of different situations that caused harm to their clients. Lawsuits against individuals are possible, but they routinely file lawsuits related to various injuries and mistakes by a company that were the direct cause of the incident. However, there are a few different situations that are very common in personal injury law, and they tend to make up a majority of the cases that a firm will pursue. These are motor vehicle collisions involving commercial drivers, liability for dangerous products, and negligently maintained properties. An injury firm or attorney can provide additional advice and more specific information about how these matters can be handled in the local court system and the amount of compensation available.  

Commercial vehicle accidents

There are many motor vehicle collisions that involve large semi trucks, construction vehicles, tankers, garbage trucks, and other vehicles that are used for business purposes. An individual can sue this company in the same way that they would file a negligence case and name an individual driver as a defendant. In most cases, companies that own these kinds of vehicles have commercial insurance policies that are capable of paying out large amounts of money to victims if the accident was serious. 

Products liability lawsuits

A business can potentially release a product to the public in an unsafe state. When someone is injured while a product is being used for its normal, intended purpose, they can sue the employer. The injuries usually occur due to some kind of defective design or manufacturing error that was a result of insufficient research and testing before the product was released for general use. In many cases after a products liability case was filed, the company will issue a recall to prevent further accidents and lawsuits. 

Premises liability 

Any company or business is also responsible for the property and physical spaces that it operates, especially if guests or customers are expected in the area. Lawsuits related to slip and fall injuries are common in premises liability, but any time a person is injured because of obstacles or dangerous conditions on a piece of property, there can potentially be a premises liability lawsuit to pay for the victim’s medical treatment and other costs. 

Personal injury attorneys in Yuma

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that handles all motor vehicle injury cases for local clients in Yuma, Arizona. People who have questions about bringing a lawsuit or other related matters can schedule a meeting with their lawyers.

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