These are the surprising costs of a concussion in Iowa City

Iowa City, IA – One of the most serious potential problems that can happen during any kind of accident or incident is a concussion or similar head injury. Because of the potential for brain damage and other significant life changes, concussions have a number of costs associated with special treatment. Because these costs can be so staggering, it is recommended that anyone who has recently been injured in an accident get legal advice and discuss the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

How expensive are concussions?

According to the National Library of Medicine, an average concussion can cost over one hundred thousand dollars to treat. The same research found that contact sports alone result in over one billion dollars worth of healthcare costs in the United States each year. These expenses have also prompted investigations into safety features such as seat belts and helmets that can help prevent concussions in various kinds of accidents. 

It is also possible that an individual with any kind of permanent brain damage or disability that is related to their head injury can have even more significant costs than the hundred thousand dollar average.  

Treatment for concussions

Part of the reason for this expense is that concussions require a variety of different treatments and analysis by healthcare professionals. The victim may need emergency medical care immediately after the incident, they may need special tests to monitor their brain function, and follow up visits can be required with a doctor based on the person’s specific symptoms. Over time these medical bills will start to add up to substantial amounts.

Lawsuits against those responsible for a concussion

It is important for those who have been injured to realize that civil lawsuits are an effective way to pay for costs of medical treatment and other associated losses such as time away from work. Parties such as a negligent driver, business owner, or employer are commonly attached as defendants in lawsuits when they are at fault for these kinds of losses. It is possible that their insurance company will make a settlement agreement with the victim that covers their costs in most cases, although a trial may be necessary if the lawyers for both parties cannot come to an agreement.

Injury lawyers are available in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that works with people who have been injured in accidents throughout the state of Iowa. Anyone who needs legal advice can contact their firm to schedule a meeting.

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