Chula Vista, CANursing homes have gained a reputation as dangerous places for elderly people to stay, despite the fact that they are supposed to provide care and assistance. When various kinds of abuse happen, the facility and relevant staff members can be attached as defendants in a personal injury lawsuit. This will help the victim pay for any types of treatment that are necessary due to the caretaker’s actions. 

Physical harm

Some workers in nursing homes choose to hurt their elderly patients with physical force, even though this is illegal. The aftermath of physical abuse may cause the victim to be in pain, suffer from emotional trauma, or even sustain long term injuries that can affect their ability to function. Various aides, nurses, and doctors who engage in this kind of behavior also have authority over the victim, making it unlikely that it will be formally reported to anyone within the facility. 

There have been some cases where nursing home workers who were violent with their patients were criminally charged as well. It is also possible that lawsuits which focus on neglect may argue that the possibility of physical harm is just as dangerous as intentional acts of violence. 

Emotional harm

When a person is in a vulnerable state due to their physical condition, they may also be more vulnerable to various forms of emotional and psychological abuse. Repeated verbal arguments with the same staff members can cause the victim to become withdrawn and depressed, and other symptoms may emerge as well. Elderly people in a fearful state may also start to neglect their own health and well being. 

Injuries from falling

Accidents that involve falling are one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities in nursing homes. Falling and the associated healthcare complications are also a very common cause of death in elderly populations everywhere. 

Lawsuits against caretakers and facilities

Both the individual responsible for neglect and abuse, as well as the facility itself may be attached as defendants in an injury lawsuit. This is because nursing homes are given a duty of care to keep all of their patients safe, and various types of neglect and abuse are a clear breach of this duty. Personal injury lawsuits can also argue for damages to compensate the victim. This will normally include medical treatment and healthcare costs, as well as non-economic damages for the pain and trauma that the victim had to endure because of the defendant’s behavior. 

Injury lawyers are available

Anyone who needs assistance with personal injury cases or accidents in nursing homes can speak with a licensed attorney in the Chula Vista area. The Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth provides professional advice and representation to local clients. 

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