The Whole Wedding Accidentally Ate Marijuana. Now They’re Suing

A wedding should be a memorable day filled with excitement, meeting new friends, and joy. Wedding guests may also indulge themselves in a few glasses of wine or champagne. But what happens when someone “spikes the punch bowl,” so to speak? What happens when a negligent party poisons the entire wedding with illicit substances, such as marijuana or LSD? Believe it or not, this occurred recently at a wedding — and some guests are now suing.

The Weed-Laced Wedding No One Wanted

On November 30th, it was reported that wedding guests had unwittingly consumed “poisonous” levels of marijuana. One of the guests at this wedding claims that she suffered “permanent, severe injuries” after eating cannabis-infused food served by a catering company based in Mississippi. The plaintiff alleges that this catering company was fully aware that it was serving marijuana-laced food to the wedding guests.

The wedding took place back in February of 2022, and some guests felt so high that they were forced to call the police. One individual complained to the police that he was sure he had unwittingly consumed drugs of some kind, while many others were immediately sent to a nearby hospital. After an investigation, detectives discovered that the bread and the lasagna contained high levels of THC — the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

The woman who owns the catering company is now facing felony charges, including two counts of “tampering with food” and one count of “delivery of a controlled substance.” Court records also indicate that the bride was “in on it,” as she is facing the exact same charges. This indicates that the marijuana wedding was planned from the beginning — although only three people seem to have been aware of what was going on.

Can You Sue for Being Drugged?

Although the defendants may face serious criminal charges for their role in this debacle, it is unclear whether the civil lawsuit will be allowed to go ahead. It all depends on whether the defendants can prove real, legitimate injuries as a result of consuming the marijuana. Overdosing on marijuana is theoretically impossible. The people who were hospitalized were probably suffering from mental issues alone, which usually cannot form the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. The only way this could lead to serious side effects is if the marijuana somehow triggered underlying mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. That being said, the caterer clearly owed the plaintiffs a duty of care, and they clearly poisoned the guests. This alone might be enough.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississippi?

If you’ve been poisoned or drugged by a negligent company or individual, you have every right to assess your legal options alongside a personal injury attorney in Mississippi. Choose Ballard Law, PLLC, and you can strive for the best possible results in a confident, efficient manner. No one should have to ingest potentially harmful and psychologically-damaging drugs against their wishes. Book your consultation today, and we can help you pursue a fair settlement and a positive result.


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