Oil worker is fatally injured during incident in Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA – Jobs that require a person to be engaged in various tasks involving heavy machinery are some of the most dangerous in the United States. This includes working in oil fields or refineries, as well as various other manufacturing and industrial jobs. When a person is injured under these circumstances, they have the right to contact a lawyer and try to get financial assistance for their problems. This is true regardless of whether there is a relevant insurance policy that covers the losses, as insurance companies may try to offer a small settlement to relieve their liability. 

According to Brproud.com, a Louisiana man was killed while working in an oil refinery [1].  

Man dies moving equipment in oil refinery

The incident happened at the Phillips 66 refinery plant in the town of Westlake. Witnesses told the local sheriff’s office that the man was initially hurt while working and unloading equipment at approximately 11:30 am that morning. Police later confirmed that the man was pronounced dead while still at the accident scene. Law enforcement does not think any criminal activity or foul play was the cause of the incident, and they will not be filing charges against anyone connected with the incident. No additional details about the identity of the worker or an exact cause of the incident were released to the media. However, they did confirm that the victim was a contract worker and not an employee of the oil refinery. 

Personal injury cases

When people are engaged in daily activities such as working, driving, exercising, or even shopping, it is possible that they can suddenly be hurt. The types of injuries can range from minor, to severe, or even fatal. People who find themselves in these kinds of situations can suddenly have issues because they cannot work and suddenly have very large medical expenses. It is important for anyone who is having financial troubles after an accident to get legal advice, as an attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement that covers all or most of these costs. This process does not require any upfront payment, as legal fees are only taken in a contingent fee arrangement if the firm is successful in getting compensation for their clients.  

Injury lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that handles various kinds of accident and personal injury lawsuits. Their attorneys have extensive experience helping local clients receive compensation for their losses. 

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