If You Have Suffered a Personal Injury in New Hampshire, You May Be Entitled to Compensation.

An accident can be a major upset in your life. On top of being injured, you are probably unable to work and beginning to worry about your financial future. You are entitled to compensation if you are injured because of carelessness or negligence, so you should learn the steps of recovering personal injury compensation.

I Was Hurt in a New Hampshire Accident, What Comes Next?

If you fell on your apartment stairs, was injured on the job or got hit by another driver, you need to get medical attention. If your accident wasn’t an emergency, your first step should be to get checked out to be sure your injuries aren’t worse than they seem. See a doctor immediately or visit one of the hospitals below:

Speare Memorial Hospital

16 Hospital Rd, Plymouth, NH 03264


Monadnock Community Hospital

452 Old Street Rd, Peterborough, NH 03458


Lakes Region General Hospital

80 Highland St, Laconia, NH 03246

After you see a doctor, contact a personal injury lawyer near your New Hampshire location and arrange a case evaluation. They can outline your options for recovering compensation which include:

Accepting a settlement from an insurer or defendant

Entering negotiations with the at-fault party

Taking your claim to civil court

USAttorneys.com has a dedicated team of attorneys with skills and know-how to recover a generous settlement on your behalf. You can count on our accomplished team to get you the amount of compensation you deserve.

What Type of Personal Injury Claim are You Filing?

Different laws apply to personal injury claims depending on the nature of the accident, so USAttorneys.com recommends you speak with a personal injury attorney in New Hampshire. Our team will inform you of the laws that apply to your case and could impact

Car Accident – A personal injury claim arising out of an accident must be submitted within three years of the date of the crash or a victim’s death, or it is invalid.

If you need to report an accident because police did not investigate it, you need to file an Operator’s Report and mail it to:

NH Dept. of Safety

DMV – FR / Accidents

23 Hazen Drive

Concord NH 03305

You can find all the accident forms you need by visiting the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Medical Malpractice- Claims for medical negligence are among the most complicated types of civil suits because the standard of proof is much higher than for other personal injury claims. Also, there are different laws that dictate when a victim should file their claim and what steps they should take.

Nursing home neglect and abuse-Nearly one in ten seniors in the U.S. are injured or neglected by a caregiver. If this happens to your loved one, you can recover compensation from the responsible party to cover the victim’s medical expenses.

Above are common personal injury claims, but there are many ways a person suffers an unintentional injury or are wrongfully killed. You can take legal action if you are a victim of the following accidents:

Defective product

Animal attacks

Slip and fall accident

Swimming pool injury or death

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you are suffering, and stressing about your bills, you can turn to one of our personal injury lawyers in New Hampshire to stand up for your rights. They will do the hard work and handle all the details to provide you undefeatable injury claim. Call and set up a consultation immediately.