Nampa, Idaho, What Are Non-Compensatory Damage Awards, and Can They Be Granted After a Personal Injury?

Compensatory damages are granted to all those victims who were injured due to someone else’s negligence. However, there are also non-compensatory damages that a person may be eligible for. Non-compensatory damages or punitive damages are designed to punish the negligent party in the case they acted grossly. If the harm that they caused was catastrophic and their actions were completely unacceptable and laced with malice, then victims may also be able to claim punitive damages against them.

In Idaho, those who are eligible can claim punitive damages that are limited to three times the compensatory damages. Once again, these damages are difficult to obtain and are only granted when it can be proven that extreme deviation occurred. Simple negligence or recklessness is not enough for these damages to be granted. There needs to be enough evidence to prove the high level of harm that occurred due to the other party.

When it comes to claiming compensatory damage, basic negligence has to be proven. The fact that they had a duty of care and were unable to uphold it, leading to injuries for the victim, must be supported through the evidence for a basic personal injury claim to be considered valid. Many times, the guilty party will try to settle matters outside of court. This is not a good idea as this often includes lowball offers and strips a person of the right to get the full amount of compensation they deserve for their losses. Anyone who has suffered an injury should first contact a personal injury lawyer and seek their advice before they make any permanent decisions and sign any agreements made by the other side.

How Does Comparative Responsibility Factor in a Personal Injury Case in Nampa, Idaho?


In Idaho, the laws of comparative fault are considered. This means that the actions of all parties will be evaluated and used to determine legal responsibility. If the injured person is found to be more than 50% at fault for their suffering, then they will not obtain any compensation from the opposing party. If there are multiple parties or defendants, they will all be examined and the fault will be attributed based on the evidence uncovered during the investigation.

Anyone who needs help filing a personal injury case should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible so they can get help with their case. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer and the Law Offices of Johnson and Lundgreen today to get help with one’s case.

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