Has Someone Else's Negligence Caused You To Suffer From a Personal Injury in Minnesota?

Were you injured in a traffic crash? Did you fall at work or the shopping mall and now you are in pain? Are you suffering after a medical mistake? If you can answer yes to any of the questions, you can recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim. Whether you were injured by an inexperienced driver, a medical professional or another negligent party, you may be eligible for compensation.

Personal Injury Laws in Minnesota

Minnesota has special rules that apply to personal injury claims, and you need to be aware of them f you want to recover the amount of compensation you need. We’ll discuss different injury claims and the Minnesota laws that apply to them:

Auto accidents- Victims of car, motorcycle or truck accidents must file a claim with their insurer to recover their medical expenses and other economic damages unless they meet the following requirements:

Your medical expenses exceed $4,000.

They suffered an injury that is disfiguring, disabling or will leave them with a permanent injury.

Their damages exceed the personal injury protection (PIP) benefits of their insurance policy.

Dog bites- Minnesota has strict liability rules when it comes to animal attacks and dog bites, which means that the animal’s owner is liable for any injuries caused by their pet whether they have a history of aggressive behavior. If you were trespassing when you were injured or did not have permission to be on someone’s property, you might encounter issues with liability.

Claims against the government- If your injury is the result of negligence on behalf of an on-duty government employee, you have a limited time to begin the claims process. A complaint against a Minnesota state employee needs to be submitted within 180 days of the date of your accident. It should also be noted that personal injury suits against government entities are challenging and complex, so you need to get legal advice.

USAttorneys has a devoted team of personal injury lawyers who will stand up for you. On our website, you can learn important information about our attorneys by clicking on your county above. We include information about a litigator’s background, case history, and past successes. Once you’ve done your research and decided who you want to speak to, USAttorneys will pass your details along.

If you suffer a personal injury for any reason below, we can find you help:

Product defect

Tainted food products

Elevator or escalator accident

Tractor-trailer accident

Fall on broken stairs

Medical negligence

Manufacturing flaw


When you are hurt because someone didn’t take the steps, they should have, don’t get angry, take action by contacting a personal injury lawyer in Minnesota. Call and set up a case evaluation soon as you are able, so you can learn what steps to take next. Our network of attorneys will explain what options you have for recovering compensation from the party or parties responsible for your pain and anguish.