After a person has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, they are encouraged to seek immediate treatment from a licensed medical professional, even if their injuries seem minor (i.e. a headache, backache, etc.) It’s best not to put off going to the doctor after a car accident as even minor symptoms such as a headache could be a sign of something more serious. In fact, headaches are a common symptom that is often associated with whiplash and even traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

While seeking initial care can definitely help a car crash victim get on the path of recovering from the injuries they sustained, there are other steps they can take that may be able to help them speed up the recovery process. These include:


  • Attend all scheduled doctor’s visits.

Once an individual seeks initial treatment for the injuries they suffered in a motor vehicle collision, their physician should provide them with a treatment plan that outlines how often they should visit with them to have their condition assessed. In addition, their treatment plan may also provide them with recommendations on what they should and shouldn’t do to prevent from aggravating their injuries.

It’s important for a car accident victim to attend all of their doctor’s visits so their physician can decide if treatment is working or if certain recommendations may need to be omitted, or exchanged with something else.


  • Attend Physical therapy as needed

If an individual suffered a fracture or another type of injury that interferes with their physical and/or mental capabilities, they may be referred to a physical therapist. Physical therapists are “movement experts who improve quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.”1 If an individual suffered a fracture or had to undergo surgery as a result of a car crash, they may need to relearn how to walk or learn how to gradually ease their body back into being able to perform its normal functions.

Just as important as it is for a person to attend all of their scheduled doctor’s visits, it is equally important for them to go to all of their physical therapy appointments.


What if a car crash victim can’t afford all of the medical treatment/medical devices they need?


Although insurance will typically cover some or all of a car crash victim’s medical expenses, there are times when the insurer either doesn’t want to pay, there isn’t enough coverage, or the driver who hit them is uninsured. In these types of situations, it can make it difficult for an individual to afford the care they need.

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