Is the City of Shreveport Taking on Big Pharmaceutical Companies?

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The issue surrounding opioid consumption and overdose has been ongoing and continues to affect the lives of many taking the drugs. The fact is, there are several individuals all across the U.S. whose lives have been affected in a negative manner simply because their doctor prescribed them opioids and they became addicted. Louisiana’s Department of Health reported that on average, “there were 110 prescriptions written for every 100 residents in the state in the past year.”

While it is known that pharmaceutical companies are only out to make a profit, Shreveport’s Governor is recognizing them for their negligence in distributing these drugs that are considered to be more harmful than helpful to those who are prescribed them. Governor John Bel Edwards issued a written statement saying, “These drug companies led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive and even suggested that treating physicians prescribe greater dosage units to those who had already become addicted.”

While the pharmaceutical company is a billion-dollar industry, the City of Shreveport and the Louisiana Department of Health are stepping up and preparing to file a lawsuit claiming the pharmaceutical companies are engaging in “fraudulent and negligent marketing and distribution of opioids.” The lawsuit that is scheduled to be filed “seeks damages equal to the amounts the state paid for excessive opioid prescriptions and treatment,” The Shreveport Times pointed out.

The Governor has elected to hire a personal injury attorney to represent his side of the matter and the other parties involved have also chosen to take on their own legal aid.

There is an opioid epidemic going on and the Governor of Shreveport is Attempting to Stop it.


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Opioid overdose is a serious problem in the U.S. today and pharmaceutical companies are being recognized for allowing this to occur.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose (that includes prescription opioids and heroin).” Many of these individuals are first introduced to opioids because of chronic pain they might be experiencing from an accident or other hardship, and they become dependent on them. Doctors and other physicians are expected to remain cognizant of when a patient becomes too reliant on a drug and help them from developing an addiction to it. Unfortunately, with pharmaceutical companies pushing doctors to write more prescriptions for opioids, it only adds to the current epidemic that is transpiring in our county today.

But, doctors as well as other health care providers do have a standard duty of care they are expected to provide. When they fail to do this, they can be held accountable for their negligent actions, the same why the City of Shreveport is attempting to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable. So, if you were injured by a doctor or prescribed the wrong medication and you live in New Orleans, LA, you too can take legal recourse for the misfortune you have been faced with.

One way to do this is by first discussing your matter with a New Orleans, LA personal injury attorney at Smith Stag. You can contact their law firm now by calling 504-593-9600 and get your consultation scheduled. Knowing your rights and the forms of action you can take will allow you to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed with your matter and if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit in an attempt to collect damages.

As for the lawsuit that is on the verge of being filed against pharmaceutical companies, the Governor may stand a good chance at winning as he has the Louisiana Department of Health backing him up.

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