Industrial plant in Louisiana has a history of injured workers

Baton Rouge, LA – Industrial workplaces tend to be dangerous due to the presence of heavy equipment, hazardous materials, and other obstacles. Workers can potentially be injured or killed in a number of different ways in these facilities, which is why proper safety precautions and training are extremely important. People who sustain injuries while working may be able to name their employer as a defendant in a civil lawsuit for compensation.

Local news for the Baton Rouge area reported on a plant that has had serious issues with safety violations and workers being harmed in accidents in recent years [1].

Alumina production plant has long list of safety issues and injuries

The report said that federal regulators found about three dozen violations due to health and safety issues, and asked that two workers be removed until they receive additional training. This alumina production plant in St. James Parish is no stranger to safety issues, as there are constant problems with people getting hurt. There have been 370 safety violations in the last two years according to records from federal agencies. The regulators were also concerned that vehicles and equipment left parked on inclined spaces would potentially fall or roll downward. 

The plant has over 500 workers and it is the last such place in the entire country. It has been in operation since the 1950s. Most of the recent safety violations are related to caustic and hazardous materials spills and issues with electrical wiring and equipment. The electrical issues have already resulted in multiple truck driver fatalities in the last few years. Three workers were also injured due to spills in the prior nine months, with one of them sustaining serious injuries. One of the spill incidents that was not contained properly resulted in a road near the plant being temporarily shut down due to the possibility of exposure to hazardous materials. 

Evidence of negligence

An important aspect of any injury lawsuit is if the plaintiff has evidence of negligent behavior. This means there must be a deviation from the proper standard of care that causes an accident and associated injuries. Because this plant has had so many safety violations, they would be on notice that there are many dangers to workers which should be corrected. 

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