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Accidents happen all the time. Thousands of Idaho residents die or are injured as a result of accidents every year.

Some accidents do not cause severe injuries while others do, and some even result in death. It is unfair for an accident victim to suffer especially when the accident or incident itself stemmed from someone else’s negligence or fault.

This is precisely why the state law allows for victims of negligence to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable parties and recover damages through compensatory awards.

There are many types of accidents or incidents which can evolve into a personal injury lawsuit. At you will find the most innovative and poignant legal professionals who handle all types of personal injury cases which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Wrongful death – If you happen to have lost a loved one as a result of someone else being reckless or negligent, you are entitled to damages which will cover medical expenses and funeral expenses, to name a few. You also may be entitled to receive compensation for non-economic damages such as:
  • loss of consortium
  • loss of love and support
  • mental anguish
  • pain and suffering, etc.

Furthermore, you can also claim the lost wages or income that the family member used to bring to the household.

  1. Car accidents – Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in The Gem State. It does not matter how meticulous and safe a driver you are, the fact is that there will always be near others on public roads and they may not be as safe and on the contrary can be completely reckless and/or driving inebriated. Have you had to pay heavily to repair your damaged car?

Did you have to bear medical expenses to treat your injuries stemming from an accident? Was it the fault of the other driver? Well, at, our legal representatives can help prove that it was the other party’s fault and help you recover the financial damages you have had to cope with or will have to cope with.

  1. Truck accidents – Commercial rigs are big, heavy machines, and the operators of these trucks require special licenses to be able drive them. However, we see time and again how truck accidents are caused by:
  • driver fatigue
  • driver error
  • impaired driving
  • overloading
  • mechanical failure, etc.

We can help you sue trucking operators for their sheer negligence and disregard for public safety.

  1. Insurance bad faith – Insurance companies take our money in exchange for security if and when disaster or something unforeseen strikes. We depend on them to have our backs and provide us the finances we require. However, at times insurers simply deny claims in order to save money and maximize their own profits. When this occurs, we are there to help you out by appealing and having such denials overturned.

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