Head injuries are a life and death situation. If they don’t kill you, then they can affect the rest of your life with brain damage, headaches, loss of IQ, speech issues, memory loss, or paraplegia. Sometimes head injuries that aren’t treated right away can develop into something more over time. 


If you’ve experienced a head injury, don’t play around with it, even if you feel fine. Get yourself medically assessed and collect all the documentation. Then get in touch with the Law Office Of Brian K. Branch, a seasoned Albuquerque-based personal injury attorney who’s been getting results for New Mexicans for years. 


Who’s responsible for my head injury? 


If you’ve received a head injury because of a slip or fall on someone else’s property, then the property owner may be liable for your damages. All property owners have a responsibility to make sure their premises are safe for those that occupy them. This includes landlords, business owners, and government agencies. 


Generally speaking, in order to win a premises liability lawsuit, you have to prove that the property owner either: 


  • Failed to recognize the danger, therefore leading to your injury, or
  • Knew about the danger, but did nothing to prevent it


Unfortunately, New Mexico’s laws say that if a property owner was aware of the danger but “was making a reasonable effort” to solve the problem or warn the victim, they can potentially be free of liability. This is why when someone is cleaning the floors in a business, they usually leave a plastic sign saying “caution, slippery floor.” They are in fact trying to avoid lawsuits. 


Types of head injuries can include: 


  • Concussion
  • Coup-contrecoup 
  • Blunt force or penetrating injury
  • Aesthetic or disfigurement injuries like scars and wounds. These can yield a lot in compensation depending on your age, gender, and career. 


Compensation can come in the form of: 


  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Therapy and/or rehabilitation
  • Punitive damages like pain and suffering

Why a lawyer is so important for your head injury


An experienced lawyer can help frame an argument that pinpoints the liability on someone other than yourself. They can also negotiate with insurance companies, navigate the legal bureaucracy, and do any necessary research or investigation on the incident. 


For example, you may be convinced that your injury is your fault, but a lawyer may end up digging up old records showing that many other people had the same injury in the same place, making a strong case against the property owner.  


Are you looking for compensation for a head injury from a slip or a fall? 


Contact the Law Office Of Brian K Branch to see whether or not you have a case. If you do, we’ll be on your side.


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