Damage to your teeth can be one of the most stressful health problems. Broken molars can lead to infections and a range of other issues, and they can also make eating difficult or awkward. 


Your teeth are also a big part of how you present yourself to the world, so having them aesthetically disfigured in some way can be a huge blow to your self-esteem or even your career. 


If you broke your tooth on a foreign object inside your food at a restaurant, you may be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with The Law Office of Brian K Branch to see whether or not you have a case. We’ve been helping people in New Mexico get results in personal injury cases for years. 


Who’s liable for my tooth? 


If you broke your tooth on a foreign object while eating at a restaurant, like a piece of plastic or a pebble, the restaurant is responsible for your injuries. As a result, they should be liable for your non-economic and economic damages, including any expenses incurred for the necessary repairs to your teeth. 


If you managed to break your tooth by accidentally hitting it with your fork or glass, this is likely your fault. If your tooth fell out because it was already weak and unhealthy, this also can’t be blamed on the restaurant. 


Generally speaking, the object in the food that broke your tooth has to be foreign in some way. So breaking it on a piece of bone, or on a pit in an olive might not be enough to prove liability. There are many grey areas like this that require a seasoned attorney to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. 


Well, my tooth is broken, what now? 


If you have the money, you may want to get your tooth fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further problems in your mouth. If you can’t afford to pay out of pocket, you may have to wait for compensation. 


The majority of restaurants pay insurance for guest liability incidents. If a customer has an accident in their business, they will likely have to report the incident to HR and file a claim with their insurance company. Stay in contact with the restaurant owner and make sure they are initiating this process. In the meantime, get yourself assessed by a dentist so you know roughly how much you will need to repair your broken tooth. 


If the restaurant is uninsured or refuses to admit responsibility, that’s when you’ll need to get in touch with your attorney. It’s important to act quickly in these situations as restaurant owners may be reluctant to believe you if you come back months later demanding compensation. 


Don’t hesitate any longer, get in touch with the Law Office of Brian K Branch, and let’s fix your teeth.


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