How to Deal with Insurance Companies Delaying Injury Settlements

Insurance companies are very good at delaying. In fact, some might argue that insurance adjusters have turned delaying into a form of art. There is of course a real benefit to delaying settlements, as it encourages desperate victims to cave in and accept low-ball compensation in the face of mounting medical bills and missed wages. Insurance companies may have perfected the art of delaying, but this is clearly a dark art — one that victimizes people who have suffered terrible injuries. But what should you do if an insurance company is causing delays?

How Florida’s Tort Reform Bill Could Increase Delays

One of the biggest developments in Florida’s personal injury world is the introduction of the tort reform bill. This bill would accomplish many things, including limiting attorney fees, allowing more transparency in the courtroom, and changing the way in which insurance companies can be sued.

In addition, the tort reform bill would create additional barriers for injured plaintiffs trying to prove the cost of their medical expenses. Finally, the bill would do away with Florida’s “pure” comparative fault system, replacing it with a “modified” comparative fault system instead.

Critics argue that all of these reforms have one thing in common: They benefit the insurance companies and not the victims. Furthermore, many concerned attorneys are warning that this could lead to additional delays for victims awaiting settlements.

Steps to Take if the Insurer is Delaying Your Settlement

There are a number of steps you can take if your insurance company is stalling your settlement. First of all, you can review all of the documentation you have provided and determine whether you’re missing anything. Delays are often caused by incomplete information. You might also inquire whether your claim is suspected of being fraudulent. If so, you can provide evidence that proves your case is legitimate.

At the end of the day, however, many delayed claims are due to “bad faith” insurance practices. This means that your insurer is intentionally delaying your case because they know it will make you more desperate — more willing to accept a “low-ball” settlement. If you can prove the insurance company is acting in bad faith, it may be able to sue them. This not only forces the insurance company to get their act together, but it may also result in additional compensation — on top of what you already stand to receive from your personal injury lawsuit.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Injury Attorney?

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