Former High School Student Wins Lawsuit for Being Prohibited to Use the Restroom

A former high school student who attended Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, CA has finally been awarded for the personal injury lawsuit she filed back in 2012. The girl involved, who has been left unnamed, was reportedly awarded $1.25 million for all the damages she suffered from according to Fox 59. While it is common for a personal injury lawsuit to take time to reach a verdict, what wasn’t common was the story behind this lawsuit.

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A former high school student still suffers today from PTSD because her teacher told her to use the restroom in a supply closet.

Apparently, while the victim was a student at Patrick Henry High School, she had an incident occur with her art teacher, Gonja Wolf, who refused to allow her to use the restroom. The teacher claimed that the school had strict bathroom policies and that she was not permitted to go during a 25-minute advisory class. That is when she did the unthinkable. Wolf directed the student to a supply room in the classroom where allowed her to use the restroom in a bucket. She instructed her to pour the contents out in the sink when she was done.

Why would a teacher allow a student to use the restroom in a bucket?

According to the report, the teacher “mistakenly thought there was a strict no-bathroom-break policy and thought she had found a solution.” Using the restroom in a bucket inside a classroom supply closet? Not such a good choice Ms. Wolf. That decision led her to not only resign from her position as an educator, but also caused the student to suffer tremendously. Now, the San Diego Unified School District is forced to pay out over a million dollars for restricting a student to fulfill her bodily needs.

Not only did the girl suffer from the embarrassment associated with engaging in the act, but she was the main topic of conversation, text messages were being sent about her and the incident, and she went through periods of depression that led to a suicide attempt. The girl suffered from PSTD and is still working through her issues. She had to switch schools twice before graduating. While the 19-year old is now able to move on, she still has to attend therapy sessions for the damage done nearly five years ago.

Why do personal injury cases take so long to settle?

When you hire a personal injury attorney in San Diego to file suit for physical or emotional injuries caused by a negligent individual, it is important to understand that these cases take time. Proof needs to be provided and sometimes, the first lawsuit filed is denied. That is what happened in this case which prompted the student and her attorney to file another one.

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