Florida Family Sues Casino After Horrific Cardiac Arrest Story

Casinos have a legal duty to protect their patrons. If someone suffers a heart attack and slumps across a poker table, the very least you’d expect is for the staff to call 9-11. But as one Florida family discovered, casinos can completely ignore people in serious danger. But does this really constitute negligence? Can you sue a casino or any other establishment for failing to call 9-11? This is what many are asking themselves after a truly shocking news story from Las Vegas

Florida Man Suffers Heart Attack While Dealer Continues Playing Blackjack

In February of 2023, it was reported that a Florida family was suing a casino in Las Vegas for wrongful death. The lawsuit stems from an incident in which a patron suffered a cardiac arrest while playing blackjack, after which the dealer apparently continued to hand out cards to other players for a full 15 minutes. When staff finally realized that this individual was dying, they attempted to use a defibrillator — but they struggled due to inadequate safety training.

The family now claims that the death could have been avoided if the staff had simply called 9-11 in a timely manner — something you would expect from not just casino staff, but also virtually any other members of the public who witnesses someone having a cardiac arrest. The casino has already released a statement, and it claims that the reports are completely false. The casino also plans to defend itself in court and will attempt to avoid paying the family members a settlement.

Can You Sue Someone for NOT Doing Something?

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to personal injury is that you can only sue someone for actions and not inactions. The truth is that inaction can be just as harmful as action in certain circumstances. Indeed, it can be much worse in some cases. For example, a landlord could choose not to fix a set of broken stairs. A property owner might choose not to install handrails on a balcony. A government agency might choose not to fix potholes on a road.

All of these inactions can lead to serious hazards, injuries, and deaths in certain situations. The above story involving the casino falls into the same general category, and the family seems to be well within their rights to sue. If your family member has lost their life due to the inactions of a negligent party, you may also have the opportunity to sue.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Florida?

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