Florida Court Awards $50 Million to Veteran Green Beret for 3M Earplug Injury

3M’s legal woes continue as a Green Beret veteran was just awarded $50 million in damages by a Florida court. The earplug controversy will likely see the company hand over millions more in settlements to the countless American military service members who suffered severe ear injuries due to the faulty nature of these earplugs. If you have suffered ear injuries while using 3M earplugs in the military, you may also have the opportunity to sue for damages.

Green Beret Gets $50 Million for 3M Hearing Damage

In one of the most notable victories against 3M, a Green Beret veteran has been awarded $50 million in damages by a Florida jury. Perhaps the most notable detail of this story is the fact that a judge has rejected 3M’s push for a new trial, stating that the soldier’s testimony was “extremely effective and compelling.” The judge also came to the conclusion that the veteran’s injuries were not “mild and treatable,” despite 3M’s insistence that they were.

Not only did the judge believe that the veteran had suffered physical harm as a result of the earplugs, but he also believed the veteran’s complaints of emotional distress. In short, this could serve as a precedent for future decisions, as the case has clearly demonstrated that tinnitus and hearing loss caused by 3M earplugs can have a serious effect on one’s quality of life.

US Army’s New Service Rifle Comes with Suppressor

The US Army clearly wants to avoid any further controversies over hearing loss, as it has chosen a suppressed service rifle for the first time. The Sig Spear — otherwise known as the MCX — is the first-ever service rifle that will come equipped with a silencer.

This will negate the need for earplugs, as soldiers will automatically have the ability to protect their hearing as soon as they pick up their rifles. Handguns — also provided by Sig Sauer — will come with their own suppressors. This shows that the Army is aware of the difficulties faced by its veterans, and this could save them from generations of lawsuits in the future. It also indicates that the military is unwilling to rely on 3M for hearing protection in the future, and this could mark the end of a long tradition of 3M military contracts. However, these changes have come far too late for decades of veterans in the past who have fired past weapons such as the M-16 and the Beretta 92FS.

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