Employee in Baton Rouge dies while working with a forklift

Baton Rouge, LA – Various industrial jobs have a number of dangers present. This is due to things like the operation of heavy machinery or exposure to hazardous materials that can cause health problems. If a person is hurt in these settings, they can speak with an attorney and bring an injury lawsuit against the company responsible, regardless of whether they were an employee, customer, contractor, or anyone else present in these situations. The lawyer can provide more details such as the odds of success and how a contingent fee arrangement works. 

WBRZ.com reported on a fatal workplace accident in Baton Rouge that resulted in the death of one person [1].

Worker is killed in forklift accident

The report stated that the incident occurred at 451 Thomas Road at a company called KTN Louisiana LLC Baton Rouge Polymers Terminal. There was an initial response from paramedics and police, then the coroner was contacted after the victim was confirmed to have died. No identifying details about the injured employee were released to the public.

The exact cause of the accident was still being investigated, but preliminary information stated that the person was working with a forklift and appeared to get crushed at the time of the incident. 

Wrongful death lawsuits

Louisiana law allows the victim’s estate to bring a wrongful death lawsuit within one year of the accident. This time limit is due to a short statute of limitations. In most personal injury lawsuits, the victim will bring the case on their own and ask for various kinds of compensation to help cover their medical treatment and other expenses. In a wrongful death case, this money is paid out to the victim’s estate to assist with various costs such as the person’s funeral and burial, as well as the income they could have earned if they had survived. 

Injury lawyers and fatal accident cases

Most experienced personal injury attorneys will also be able to assist a family with a wrongful death case against any business or individual, as the procedures to bring the case, demonstrate evidence of negligence, and negotiate a settlement are similar. The lawyer will attempt to help the victim’s family succeed and receive the money they need from the time the case is initially filed until there is a conclusion.  

Personal injury lawyers in Baton Rouge

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that helps with accident and injury cases in the Baton Rouge area. Their attorneys can provide more information during an initial meeting. 

USAttorneys.com is available to help anyone who needs legal advice. The service provides referrals to licensed attorneys anywhere in the country at 800-672-3103

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