Does there need to be intent to cause harm for a personal injury lawsuit in Village Saint George?

Village Saint George, LA – Not all personal injury cases are related to intentional acts to harm another person. This is mainly due to the versatility of the doctrine of negligence and its many applications in the real world. Victims of another person or entity’s actions always have the ability to try to get compensation for their losses, although it is best for the victim to meet with an attorney and discuss their situation before taking any action. Here are some differences between negligence and lawsuits that arise from intentional acts. 

Intentional torts versus negligence

It is possible that intentional acts can result in civil lawsuits, although they are not as common as negligence cases. Intentional torts include acts such as theft, battery, false imprisonment, and trespassing. This means that the person intended to cause some kind of harm through their actions and the victim suffered some kind of damages or loss. 

The overwhelming majority of cases related to things like car accidents, slip and fall injuries, malpractice by doctors, and products liability are filed under a theory of negligence. This only requires evidence that the defendant was not careful enough, which resulted in the alleged harm to the plaintiff. Once the lack of care and causation is shown, the plaintiff can argue for damages that compensate them for the specific losses caused by the defendant’s acts. Compensation for pain and suffering for victims is also a standard part of injury lawsuits.

Reckless actions

There are also some situations where a defendant may not have necessarily acted with intent to cause harm, but their recklessness made it likely that someone would be hurt. This can implicate a number of legal issues, and recklessness is an important doctrine in injury law

A person who acted recklessly will almost certainly be found liable of negligence in a civil lawsuit, as this satisfies the elements of a lack of reasonable care. In Louisiana, a driver who was reckless due to being intoxicated can also be sued and made to pay out punitive damages. These are additional damages paid out to the plaintiff as a form of punishment to deter such reckless acts. Punitive damages are also paid out in addition to standard compensation for economic and non-economic losses. 

Advice after an accident in Louisiana

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