Could Your Gym Be Putting You at Risk of Hearing Loss?

LOS ANGELES, California. According to a Vox report, many gyms are playing music at levels that could cause long-term hearing loss, not only for instructors who teach at these gyms, but also for clients who work out to the loud music. Some gym instructors have taken matters into their own hands, seeking the advice of hearing professionals. Unfortunately, some instructors already exhibit signs of hearing loss. When one instructor asked his employer to pay for special ear plugs to protect his hearing, his employer wouldn’t pay. Not only is this a workplace injury issue, but it is also a safety issue for patrons who visit the gym. Many people on an exercise plan visit the gym several times a week. However, exposure to such high decibel music on an ongoing basis can result in permanent hearing loss or damage.

In fact, according to Vox, one gym consistently had noise levels above 100 decibels. This is more than the limit set by the U.S. Department of Labor for safe workplace sound levels. In fact, some experts say that exposure to this level of noise can cause hearing damage after about 15 minutes. Recent studies have found that the majority of gym noise levels exceed the limit for safe sound levels.

Some fitness practices can also put individuals’ hearing at risk in other ways. According to Healthy Hearing, weight lifting and lifting while holding one’s breath can put damaging pressure on the inner ear. Another risk factor that individuals may not be aware of is the combined risk of working out to high volume music combined with the sound of a fitness cycle or fitness equipment. While it may not seem like much sound, even short-term exposure to decibel peaks can be dangerous.

Experts believe that as many as one in four Americans may be suffering from some kind of hearing loss. Hearing loss can take many years before it is diagnosed. Other individuals can suffer from ringing in the ears, which is a permanent condition that cannot be reversed.

Workers at gyms have a right to a safe and healthy workplace environment. If you believe that your gym may be damaging your ears, you have the right to ask managers to lower the volume or to provide you with ear protection equipment. If you believe that your gym may have caused your hearing damage, you may also have rights. Until patrons speak up and demand that gyms consider patron’s hearing, the gyms may continue to play music at dangerously high volumes. Workers may also have the right to seek compensation through worker’s compensation or by pursuing a settlement if they are not directly employed.

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