Louisiana- February 17, 2021

Last Fall, a coalition of ten environmental organizations sued the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to reduce toxic air pollution from industrial flares at petrochemical plants, solid waste landfills, and gas processing facilities, such as workplace environments for oil industry workers in Louisiana. In the complaint it has been cited that   “EPA has not updated two sets of air pollution control standards for industrial flares in decade (34 years and 26 years, respectively) even though the federal Clean Air Act requires the agency to review them at least once every eight years to make sure they adequately protect the public and incorporate improvements in technology,” according to the EIP.

Risk management plans.

Facilities that keep large amounts of toxic, or flammable chemicals on site are required to submit risk management plans, or RMPs, to the EPA every five years outlining worst-case scenarios for releases and the area and approximate number of people who would be vulnerable. About 12,300 facilities in the U.S. had active RMPs in 2017.  Environmental pollution attorneys can assist victims who believe they have contracted an illness related to the pollutants in their residential vicinity.  The lawyers have resources to investigate these matters and the level of exposure that residents may be subjected to.

Dangers to Louisiana residents.

Pollution events may be constant on some scale for residents living near chemical plants, but post-hurricane events in the Gulf Coast exacerbate the levels of pollutants from the chemical and fossil fuel facilities.  Neighborhoods that are relatively close to the industrial facilities are at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and explosions.  The increase in tropical storms has added to declining safety conditions due to follow-up toxic spills, or explosions.  At-risk communities are not always aware of the significant dangers posed by these industries and the proximity to their homes because of bureaucratic smoke screens keeping them from pertinent information that affects their health and welfare.  An experienced personal injury attorney can ascertain the dangers posed to victims who have suffered related harms.

Industrial flares.

Industrial flares that burn excess waste gases release smog-forming compounds, hazardous pollutants that may include benzene compounds which have been known to cause cancer, and other pollutants that can negatively affect human health. When unethical and unsafe environmental behaviors can be proven to result in harms and death caused by industry pollutants, economic, non-economic and punitive damages may be requested in civil actions and experienced toxic exposure attorneys in Louisiana may offer guidance.

Seek legal counsel.

Personal injury attorneys who are skilled with toxic exposure claims and resultant illnesses will work with medical professionals to build a strong case, utilizing mediation, arbitration, and civil actions.   The recovery of damages will include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and survivor benefits when a person dies due to pollution and toxic exposure that could have been avoided. Experienced attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand how important it is to seek comprehensive awards for monetary damages due to toxic exposure harms, as a victim may have the burden of  long term illness that leads to permanent disability, or death of a breadwinner in a family situation.


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