Pools are fun to have, particularly during the summer months as they bring friends and family together to spend quality time outdoors. Unfortunately, pools carry risk, and property owners who fail to implement certain safety measures when guests or friends are invited over could be held liable for any accidents that occur.


When can a property owner be held liable for a swimming pool accident in Wyoming?


Property owners in Wyoming are required to maintain their premises so that no unsafe or hazardous conditions exist. If they do, the property owner should have some way of informing those who enter of these dangerous conditions. In addition to this, property owners must also ensure their pool is closed off to neighbors and anyone else who is uninvited to swim in their pool as it is considered an “attractive nuisance” and does pose as a drowning hazard.

Essentially, what this means is that there should be some sort of fence put up or another way to keep uninvited visitors out. If a property owner fails to close off their pool to individuals who might be drawn to it such as small children who live in the neighborhood and play outside unattended, they could potentially be sued if a drowning or other type of incident occurred.


Can a property owner be sued if a guest drowns or gets hurt in their pool?


Not only are property owners expected to keep their pool closed off from uninvited guests or small children, but they should also be monitoring when they have friends or guests over. This means that they need to be sure:

  • Small children are being supervised if they have access to the pool.
  • Those drinking alcohol are also being closely monitored.
  • There is no roughhousing going around in or nearby the pool.


Suing a Property Owner for a Drowning Incident or Other Type of Accident


If an individual lost someone they love to a drowning accident or their child suffered injuries while swimming in someone else’s pool, they may have a valid case against the property owner. If a parent or injured party is looking to find out if they have the grounds to file a lawsuit and how much they should seek from a property owner, they can contact Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. to speak with a Wyoming personal injury lawyer.

The Wyoming personal injury attorneys Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. are here to help individuals understand Wyoming’s premise liability laws and how they can be used to protect those who have been injured on someone else’s property.


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