Both customers and employees in Iowa have the ability to bring premises liability lawsuits

Iowa City, IAPremises liability is the area of the law that deals with making businesses and others responsible for the condition of their property. In practice, many personal injury lawsuits related to slip and fall accidents happen due to obstacles such as wet floors, improperly maintained parking lots, and a lack of signage or warnings. If a person is injured in a retail space, office building, government building, or various other properties, the owner or management may be responsible for paying for the victim’s losses in civil court.

According to the CDC, young workers in fields such as food service and retail are vulnerable to suffering from slip and fall accidents [1].

Government warnings about slip and fall accidents

Workers and customers are both at risk to lose their footing in retail and restaurant spaces. These environments are prone to spilled liquids, problems caused by weather in entrances, exits, and outdoor spaces, and even injuries caused by loose rugs or mats. Some of these kinds of accidents even happen due to poor lighting inside or cluttered spaces. 

People who see areas that may be unsafe are advised to notify the management of the building or space immediately. Workers should also be proactive about keeping spaces clean, especially if guests or customers are expected in the area. However, cleaning products that will leave liquids behind and create additional safety hazards should be used carefully or avoided. If a person needs to use a ladder or similar type of assistance to reach high spaces, they should have help and take note of any safety warnings. 

Lawsuits related to unsafe properties

When an accident happens, either a customer or a worker has the right to sue their employer or the ownership of the business. These kinds of personal injury cases are focused on whether the defendant is liable for the unsafe conditions that caused the injury, especially if they did not exercise reasonable care in maintaining the space or if they had notice of an unsafe condition that was not fixed. Compensation in these kinds of cases can include costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and various other types of payment related to the victim’s demonstrated losses. 

Slip and fall accident attorneys are available

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