Baton Rouge was ranked as one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians

Baton Rouge, LA – Both drivers and pedestrians always need to be aware of their surroundings to try to avoid accidents. When drivers do not pay attention to their surroundings, the chances of an accident increase greatly, and a pedestrian can be seriously injured or killed. A ranking of cities based on accidents involving pedestrians showed that some states have serious problems with people being harmed while walking or bicycling.

Tiger TV reported that Louisiana State University plans to take action after Baton Rouge was rated as one of the worst cities in the United States for pedestrian fatalities caused by traffic [1].

Concerns from university students result in project to improve roads and sidewalks

Baton Rouge was recently ranked 16th out of traffic fatalities for the entire country. During a video interview, a mother recounted a story about her son, who is a student at the university, being injured by a car during an accident. The man experienced injuries such as a sprained hand, bruised hip, and pieces of skin that were missing. She was also concerned that the university seemed to not have any plans to prevent such accidents from happening in the future, despite the fact that most students have to walk or bike to destinations around campus. 

However, that may change due to a grant issued by the state department of transportation and the Louisiana Research Transportation Center. A civil engineering professor has been hired to become the principal investigator for the project. The department of transportation is also working to improve bike lanes and sidewalks. 

While the project is ongoing, bicyclists were warned to wear bright colors to improve visibility and avoid alcohol if they are going to be on the road. Data showed that approximately thirty percent of these pedestrian incidents involved a person who had consumed alcohol. An employee from the department of transportation also said that distracted driving is a large problem in Baton Rouge, and those who are driving or walking should avoid using their phones at these times. 

Drivers who are responsible for hitting a pedestrian may also face consequences such as increases in insurance rates, lawsuits to pay for the damage and injuries they caused, or even criminal charges for drunk driving or vehicular manslaughter. 

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