Arkansas Lacks Safety Measures to Protect from Accidental Injuries

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A National Safety Council survey gives Arkansas an “F” in their “The State of Safety” survey of 2017.

Little Rock, AR- Last year, over 40 million Americans suffered preventable injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic head injuries. Those injuries are attributed to accidents on the road, in the home and the workplace and cost society an estimated $85 billion annually, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Many of those injuries are preventable, but Arkansas and several other states lack safety measures that could help individuals, motorists and employers avoid accidental injuries and deaths.

Arkansas Gets an “F” in “The State of Safety” Survey of 2017

The National Safety Council strives to reduce preventable accidents through studies, awareness campaigns and policy suggestions. In the 2017 “The State of Safety” survey, the agency looked at policies that protect citizens from accidents and awareness campaigns. The agency rated each state by how many safety indicators they have in place.

No state excels at safety, but some states rank very low on the list. Unfortunately, Arkansas is among those. The NSC gave Arkansas and ten other states an “F” grade, which is given to ones with 40 percent or fewer safety indicators in place. The areas where Arkansas lacks include:

Safety measures for child passengers

Preventing speed-related accidents

Encouraging road safety

For the survey, the NSC looked at three main areas where humans are most active, home, roadways, and work. They identified the leading causes of injuries and examined policies and programs in each state that help individuals avoid accidents. Each state was given a grade based on 62 indicators based on

Below are the main causes of accidental injuries in the three main areas of human activity:

  • In the home, the top four reasons for unintentional injuries are:
  • Accidental drowning
  • Firearms
  • Home Fires
  • Falls
  • On the road, there are six main road safety issues:
  • Drunken driving
  • Child passengers
  • Distracted driving
  • Senior motorists
  • Not wearing safety belts
  • Excessive speed
  • In the workplace, the three main safety issues include:
  • Accident prevention and enforcement of safe work practices
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Health and wellbeing of workers
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