Accepting a Settlement for a Personal Injury Claim

If you weren’t aware, personal injury cases encompass many areas, and involve a range of injuries that can be brought on due to another’s inadvertent actions. The many types of mishaps that are feasible means to file a personal injury claim may leave you wondering whether or not your claim is legitimate. Therefore, personal injury lawyers in Orange, California suggest you ask yourself this question: Was your injury a direct result of someone else’s actions or entity, and are you now suffering from the incident?

Personal Injury attorney in Orange, CaliforniaIf you answered yes to both portions of the question above, then you more than likely are going to be filing a personal injury claim. So what can you expect to arise as a result of this? Well, the person or entity is going to try and get their insurance companies involved to see what coverage they can provide depending on when and where the injury occurred. Once the logistics are out of the way, and it is confirmed that you were in fact a victim to a personal injury incident, a negotiation regarding a settlement amount is going to take place.

Personal injury legal representatives in California urge you to carefully review the stipulations set forth that will come along with the settlement seeing that many times, once you accept, you forgo any further lawsuit in the future regardless of what may arise. So here’s what you should keep in mind before complying with the terms and conditions of the initial settlement amount.

Things to consider:

  1. Were you treated accordingly for the injury?
  2. Did your doctor perform the proper tests to ensure no underlying damage was in fact done?
  3. Is the settlement amount an ideal representation of what will cover your medical expenses, as well as any other lost wages from possibly being out of work?
  4. Do you feel content with the decision the insurer and/or at-fault party arrived at?

Often times, personal injury attorneys in Orange, California have witnessed a victim being presented with a settlement offer far below what they truly were entitled to. The fact is, insurance companies as well as those who were responsible for the injury occurring want to pay the least amount as possible, although you are entitled to the compensation you truly are deserving of.

Therefore, if you believe you are still in need of medial treatment, or the settlement amount does not suffice for the trauma and suffering you endured, continue on with the negotiation process. And in the event you aren’t sure whether you should accept or decline, you always have the option of reaching out to an acclaimed personal injury lawyer at They can provide you with their legal expertise, and help bring your case to a close all the while you are receiving the amount that is fitting to the type of injury you sustained.

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