7 Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids


If your children enjoy the outdoors and bike riding, it is important that you discuss with them some safety tips to implement to ensure they stay out of harm’s way and avoid engaging in an accident at all costs.  The fact is, when a child comes into contact with a vehicle, they are likely to sustain a serious, potentially life-threatening injury given they survive the accident. Therefore, there are many things they can do that will not only protect them while riding but also to help reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


Here are some things your kids can begin doing the next time they go out for a ride.


  • Always wear a helmet. Be sure the helmet you purchase for your child is snug, but not too tight, as a loose helmet won’t do much if it keeps falling off.

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    Be sure that small children and even teens are keeping a watchful eye out for cars that are turning, backing up, or aren’t paying attention.
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are also a must as these protect the skin from abrasions in case a child falls off their bike.
  • Before letting your child ride on their own, be sure they have mastered the basic bike-hand skills, especially if they are sharing an area where cars travel through.
  • Tell your kids that they must ride in the same direction as cars.
  • Let them know that they need to stop and obey traffic signals.
  • Always have them watch closely for cars that might be turning, leaving driveways, or opening doors.
  • Be sure they understand why they need to avoid horsing around.
  • Try and refrain from having your children ride at night when it is difficult for others to see them.


[Source: Healthline].


Kids have the tendency to feel invisible which means they sometimes place themselves in comprising positions. To ensure your child is doing everything to stay safe while riding their bike, reiterate these tips with them until it is clear they understand and are compliant.


Encourage Kids to Ride Their Bike but Also to Implement the Above-Mentioned Safety Tips


With cell phones, tablets, and other fancy electronics taking kids attention, it is important that they have the opportunity to go outdoors and engage in some physical activity. Bike riding isn’t only fun, but it’s also good exercise. So, while you do want your kids to understand that bike riding can be dangerous, you don’t have to prevent them from doing it as long as they understand that roads are dangerous and that they have to be cautious and attentive.

While you can only prepare your children to practice safety, sometimes, the unexpected accident arises. If your child was injured recently by a negligent motorist in Boston who wasn’t paying attention to where they were going, don’t hesitate to contact USAttorneys.com. When an accident occurs because someone wasn’t being careful, they can be held accountable for their actions. The Boston personal injury attorneys USAttorneys.com works closely with can help you take the appropriate action so that your child receives the compensation they deserve for the pain and suffering they may be forced to endure.

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